KPS Competition Guidelines

For those who would like some form of critical feedback, we hold regular competitions which are judged externally. There are Quarterly Competitions and a separate Competition to find the Best Pictures of the year. We follow WCPF Competition Rules unless otherwise stated.

Photos entered into competitions should be no more that two years old on the day that the competition closes.
The Categories:

Colour Prints
Monochrome Prints
Digitally Projected Images (DPI'S)

There are no set subjects. A maximum of THREE entries in each category may be submitted to the Competition Secretary by the closing dates specified in the programme.

Monochrome Eligibility

An image in tones of neutral grey ranging from transparent/white to opaque/black.
An image in a single colour:
A print using a chemical process such as sepia, cyanotype, etc.
A digitally produced image ‘colourized’ in a single hue.

Colour Images

All images other than those above are defined as colour images. A black and white image which has been modified by the addition of partial toning or by the addition of one colour to any part of the image is a colour (polychrome) tone submitted in the colour category.

Digitally Projected Images (DPI's)

DPI's may be in colour or monochrome and submitted via the PhotoEntry system.

Will you please upload a digital copy of your prints to the PhotoEntry system. This will provide continuity, should we need to go back to Zoom at short notice. The Competition Secretary will provide any new members with login details

All work should bear a title for ease of identification and an indication on the back of prints of viewing direction if appropriate. No photographer names to be written on the back.

Print Sizes and Mounting:

Printing can be in any size ration but must be in mounts no larger than 400mm x 500mm (unless separately defined by the competition-specific rules).

Panoramic Prints:

A maximum mount size of up to 35cm x 70cm

Points System:

Marks for entries:

All entries receive 2 points automatically.

1st -  10 points.

2nd - 8 points.

3rd - 6 points.

Highly Commended - 4 points.

The Charles Jackson A.V. Trophy Competition

1. A maximum of 2 entries will be accepted from individual members.
Please try and aim for a maximum playing time of around four minutes per sequence.
2. It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that the audio material used is not subject to copyright.
It is the responsibility of the entrant to obtain the necessary permission/licence
3. All entrants must own the copyright of images used in the presentation. Still images or video clips are acceptable.