Competition Results

Our 2023/2024 Season began with a bumper crop of superb images that were entered into the first competition. Thank you to all our club members
Competition Results for Prints and DPI’s of the year:

Thank you to all our talented members who submitted images for our last competition of the year. Thank you as always to Stewart and Malcolm for your hard work behind the scenes. Lastly, thank you to our judge Doug Lodge for taking the time to critque all the images.

Our award Winners:

Colour print

1st Daybreak on Dartmoor by Jane Haycocks

2nd Waiting for Supper by Jane Haycocks

3rd Cambrian Mountains by Roger Harvey

H/C Hookney Tor by Trish Lock
H/C Patience by Rod Hollister
H/C Sharing the Spoils by Trish Lock
H/C Red Kite Close -Up by Gareth Lewis
H/C Puffin with Fish by Gareth Lewis

Mono Print

1st ‘Startled’ by Jane Haycocks

2nd Wall of Beech by Roger Harvey

3rd Vicar’s Close Wells by Roger Harvey

H/C Ploughing by Roger Harvey
H/C Alone by Rod Hollister
H/C Abandoned by Rod Hollister


1st Feed Me by Rob Dyer

2nd Bearded Reedling by Jane Haycocks

3rd Bubbles after Sunset by Trish Lock

H/C Natures Colour Pallet by Trish Lock
H/C Well it goes like this Son by Rob Dyer
H/C Battersea One at Night by Michael Cobb

Congratulations to you all!!.


Our fourth competition of the season was judged by Steve Field. Thank you to all our members who submitted images showcasing the many talents at our club.

Competition No 4 results


1. Movement, Light and Sound by Trish Lock

2. Watching Me Watching Him by John Morgan

3. East St Bedminster by Adrian Cook

HC St Kitts by Gareth Lewis
HC Hookney Tor Dartmoor by Trish Lock
HC Boscombe Pier by Jane Haycocks

Colour Prints:

1. Bearded Reedling by Jane Haycocks

2. Daybreak on Dartmoor by Jane Haycocks 

3. Different Shades by Rod Hollister

HC Early Evening Splash by Jane Haycocks

Mono Prints:

Vicarage Close by Roger Harvey

Woodland Trail by Sheila Kibble

Steps by Rod Hollister

HC Sika Deer by Jane Haycocks.

Congratulations to all our awards winners.


Our third competition of the season was judged by Alistair Richie last night. Thank you to all our members who submitted images showcasing the many talents at our club.

Competition 3 results


1st Autumn Colours by Rakesh Nar

2nd Coming at You by Jane Haycocks

3rd Colour and Form by Trish Lock

3 x HC:
End of the Day by Adrian Cook
Chew Valley Lake by Adrian Cook
Afternoon Walk by Rod Hollister

Mono Print:

1st Abandoned by Rod Hollister

2nd Little Egret by Jane Haycocks

3rd Steam Fair Guv’nor by Jane Haycocks

2 x HC:
Dark to Light by Rod Hollister
Calm by by Rod Hollister

Colour Print:

1st: Grey Heron in Winter Flood by Jane Haycocks

2nd: Mystical Dawn by Rod Hollister

3rd: Autumn Morning by Roger

1 x HC:
Patience Pays Dividends by Rod Hollister

Congratulations to all our awards winners.


Competition 2 results

Colour Prints

1. Evening Light on the Loch by Sheila Kibble

2. Memorial to Wynford Vaughan Thomas by Roger Harvey

3. Patience by Rod Hollister

HC. Misty Sunrise by Sheila Kibble

HC. Nap Time by Rod Hollister

HC. All the cleaning fun of the fair byJane Haycocks

Mono Prints

1. Alone by Rod Hollister

2. Mind the Step by Rod Hollister

3. Stern Fred by Jane Haycocks

HC. Wall of Beech by Roger Harvey

HC. River Severn Shipwrecks by Roger Harvey


1. Bubbles at sunset by Trish Lock

2. Spotted by Jane Haycocks

3. Pretty Flamingo by Gareth Lewis

HC. Kingfisher eyeing the next catch by Jane Haycocks

HC. Beech Tree in the Fall by Trish Lock

HC. Portland Bill Sunset by Adrian Cook

HC. St Paul’s Carnival by Adrian Cook

HC. After the Storm by Adrian Cook

2023/2024 Competition 1 Results:

Colour Prints

1st Jane Haycocks - A Dorset Crop at Sunset
2nd Jane Haycocks - Running Away
3rd Roger Harvey - Cambrian Mountains
HC Trish Lock - Sharing The Spoils
HC Rakesh Nar - Moon Study
HC Gareth Lewis - Kingfisher

Mono Prints

1st Jane Haycocks - Sky Dance
2nd Trish Lock - Looking Through Beech Avenue
3rd Roger Harvey - Ploughing
HC Rod Hollister - Isla
HC Rakesh Nar - Baby Face
HC Jane Haycocks - Skilled Hands

Digital Images
1st Rob Dyer - Charge Forward
2nd Adrian Cook - Take It Easy
3rd Jane Haycocks - Puffin In Pink
HC Adrian Cook - Lindisfarne Northumberalnd
HC Rakesh Nar - Boat At Dungeness
HC Jane Haycocks - Sunrise Over Collmers Hill
HC Gareth Lewis - Kingfisher With Fish
HC Rob Dyer - Feed Me

Congratulations to all our award winners. Their images can be viewed in the Gallery.


List of Awards for the 2022/2023 Season:
2022/2023 Season: Print and DPI of the Year Award Winners:


1st: Goldgrest Calling by Jane Haycocks
2nd: Still Life Mixed Media by Joe Tymkow
3rd: Pause the Day by Trish Lock
H/C: Hope of Africa by Adrian Wyatt
C: St Mary Redcliffe by Rakesh Nar

Colour Print:

1st: Fag Break by Adrian Wyatt
2nd: Stromy Seas by Rakesh Nar
3rd: Hypnotized by Rakesh Nar
H/C: Quiet Light by Roger Harvey
C: Dog Walkers in the Mist by Trish Lock

Mono Print:

1st: Fawn by Trish Lock
2nd: The Race by Rakesh Nar
3rd: Beech Wood by Trish Lock
H/C: Kennet and Avon Canal by Roger Harvey
C: Garn Fawr Pembrokeshire by Roger Harvey

AV Award goes to Rob Dyer for his amazing Drone shots

Chairman's Challenge goes to Rob Dyer: Frightened

Thank you to our very talented club members for submitting a fabulous range of images throughout this year.


2022/2023 Season, Competition No 4


1ST       No Football Today Son: Rakesh Nar 
2nd       Great Spotted Woodpecker: Jane Haycocks 
=3rd      January’s Wolf Moon: Trish Lock 
=3rd      I’m Watching You: John Morgan 
HC        Four Spotted Chaser at Rest: Rod Hollister 
HC       Let’s Get Ready to Roll: John Morgan 
HC        Glenfinnan: Gareth Lewis
HC       The student and the teacher: Adrian Wyatt

Colour Print

1st          Dog Walkers in the Icy Mist: Trish Lock 
2nd         Feeling Through the Leaves: Rakesh Nar 
3rd         Finally Got One: Rod Hollister 
HC         Seascape: Rakesh Nar 
HC         My Lighthouse: Adrian Wyatt 
HC         You’re Going the Wrong Way: Adrian Wyatt 
HC         Clifton Sunset: Rakesh Nar 

Monochrome Print

1st         The Thinker Black and White: Rod Hollister 
2nd        Foreboding: Adrian Wyatt 
3rd         Moody Skies at Hayling: Rakesh Nar 
HC        Study of Watermarks: Trish Lock 
HC        Scurrying Around: Adrian Wyatt 
HC        Afon Mawddach Estuary: Roger Harvey 


2022/2023 Season, Competition No 3


1st Adrian Cook - Mendips Somerset
2nd Trish Lock - Pause The Day
3rd Rod Hollister - Ship In Glass
Adrian Wyatt - Stepping Into The Light
Adrian Cook - London Rain
Rob Dyer - Victorian Girl
Jane Haycocks - Spring Ready
Rakesh Nar - The Commuter

Colour Print

1st Rakesh Nar - Stormy Seas
2nd Adrian Wyatt - Which Way To The Shops
3rd Adrian Wyatt -Smoking For Better Days
Adrian Wyatt - Beauty In The Broken
Rod Hollister - Last Light
Rakesh Nar - Garden Visitor
Rod Hollister - The Thinker
Joe Tymkow - Glass

Monochrome Print

1st Rakesh Nar - The Race
2nd Adrian Wyatt - Manual In The Dark
3rd Adrian Wyatt - Would You Dare
Trish Lock - Beechwood In The Icy Mist
Adrian Wyatt - Morning After The Night Before
Rakesh Nar - Moon Rise
Joe Tymkow - Selfie 2
Roger Harvey - St Mary Redcliffe Church


2022/2023 Season, Competition No 2


1st - Lets Fly -John Morgan
2nd - Portland Bill - Adrian DC
3rd - Hades -John Morgan
HC - Peeekaboo - Michael Cobb
HC - Place to Roost -Trish Lock
HC - England Slip Formation - Rakesh Nar
HC - Clifton Suspension Bridge - Rakesh Nar
HC - Across the Divide - Adrian Wyatt

Colour Print

1st - Fag Break -Adrian Wyatt
2nd - Peeping Out - Trish Lock
3rd - Closed for Winter - Adrian Wyatt
HC - Winters Walk - Roger Harvey
HC - View to Chesil Beach - Rakesh Nar

Monochrome Print

1st - The Darkness Inside - Rakesh Nar
2nd - Kennet and Avon Canal - Roger Harvey
3rd - Because I like simple - Adrian Wyatt
HC - Snapping in Shadow - Adrian Wyatt


2022/2023 Season, Competition No 1


1st - Late night shopping -Adrian Wyatt
2nd - The Hope of Africa -Adrian Wyatt
3rd - In the Engine Shed -John Morgan
HC - Sunlight reflections -Sheila Kibble
HC - Golden Encounter - Jane Haycocks
HC - Nuthatch in flight -Trish Lock

Colour Print

1st - Bees love clover - Trish Lock
2nd - Nuts - Rakesh Nar
3rd - Oaks in the morning mist - Trish Lock

Monochrome Print

1st - Shapes - Rakesh Nar
2nd - Fawn - Trish Lock
3rd - Wooden Textures - Rakesh Nar