CLUB NEWS -- Some news items about the club and the members.
Our Chairwoman, Carey Meredith and our Programme Secretary Brian Venables has given notice that they will be stepping down from these positions on the committee from the AGM in April 2019. Please give some thought as to whether any of you would like to step into these positions. New members with new ideas are always welcome to come on the committee to keep the club afloat and running.

We now have the results of our Quarterly Competitions for 2018-2019 which are :-

Harold Breton Memorial Trophy goes to David Hewitt

David Hewett

David Hewitt

Print and DPI of the Year 2018-2019

Eric Phillips Memorial Trophy goes to
Peter Swan
John H Jones Trophy goes to
Sheila Kibble
Graham Cole

Charles Jackson AV Trophy

Malcolm Shore

Well done. Congratulations to you all.