DPI Resizing with Faststone for Windows only

Following discussions regarding the DPI size of images for club competitions, Jim has put together some guidelines:

A free viewer can be downloaded from:-

(Select the exe version. An icon will automatically appear on your desktop after download and installation.)

Open Faststone viewer.

1 MAKE SURE YOU WORK ON A COPY IMAGE (You may wish to retain a version at high resolution for printing or publishing in e.g. Keynsham Voice)

2 Double click on the jpeg photo to be resized so that it fills the screen.

3 press 'Ctrl +R’

4 Click on print size and amend resolution to 72dpi.

5 Click on ‘Pixels’ and adjust for Landscape 1400x Height px or Portrait Width px x 1050px. Height*

Use the Max width 1400 for Landscape or height 1050 for Portrait.
Make sure ‘preserve aspect ratio is turned on’. Then press OK.

6 Double click on your reduced file photo. Go to File, right click and pick ‘Save as’ from menu.

7 In the bottom right ‘save as menu’ click on the box marked ‘options’.

8 Adjust ‘slider’ and ‘drop down menu showing Disabled / better quality’ in order to get the file size at 300kb - 500kb
The file size is shown below the right hand photo.

It’s worth checking that the file size is ok by moving the cursor over the resized image.
It should display the image size.

*(Once you are used to this, you can speed things up by pointing to the left of the full screen view and selecting the fast re-size option then continue from 6 on)

Faststone is also a good viewer.